Our History

FEEL is the brain child of Liberian educator Isaac Saye-Lakpoh Zawolo. Isaac, a second generation teacher, resides in the United States of America where he has been teaching mathematics at local secondary schools and community colleges for nearly twenty years. Isaac was raised on a teachers training institute where his father worked for many years moving through the ranks to become the Academic Dean. Little, Isaac was fascinated by the work of teachers and so soon saw himself organizing “play schools” that today many of his childhood friends trace their first reading and writing experience to. Isaac has always had a calling for teaching and education with a burning desire to give back.

Thinking about the numerous challenges that some of his childhood friends had to overcome to achieve their educational dream, Isaac has always thought about becoming an advocate for education in Liberia. Isaac understands that while it is the responsibility of the Government of Liberia to provide education for its citizenry, the destruction borne of the civil demands the involvement of others who have the skills set, heart and passion for their country and people. Accordingly, the idea of FEEL was conceived and shared with others who embraced the concept.

FEEL will play a leading role in developing educational resources, talents and ensuring equity in education across Liberia.