Liberia Open School Initiative

A web portal equipped with content materials for secondary school students to prepare for the West African Examination Council Liberia Junior and Secondary School Examinations. At the moment, the mathematics component for the Liberia Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations LSSSCE is being piloted. Interested students can visit the site through the link on , create an account and begin using it. There are videos and opportunity to self-test with immediate feedback model after the Khan Academy concept. Feel is in the process of producing and distributing Instructional DVD's on WAEC Mathematics to Schools in Liberia at no cost to the Schools.
School Tool:
Liberia open book project

Mathematics Textbook for Liberia Junior and Secondary Schools

Open Mathematics textbooks are being developed and will host on under the Liberia Open School Initiative for students and teachers to use. The textbook are aligned with the local curriculum and are connected to activities, scenes and culture of the students. This marks a major shift in textbook offerings in Liberian schools.

Training and Professional Development for In-service Mathematics Teachers in Kakata, Margibi County, Liberia

One of our objectives is to enhance the quality of instruction in Liberian schools. We hope to achieve this through, among other engagements, the conduct of workshops and seminars for “Training of the Trainers” in Liberia. In August of 2016 we will sent a team to conduct a “Mathematics and Literacy Training for Lead Teachers of secondary schools in Kakata, Margibi County. To encourage participation, we will provide stipend to the trainees. The presenters of the workshop will be volunteers from FEEL. Our plan is conduct such workshops annually and to extend it to other content areas.

Keeping our Girls in Schools – “100 for 100 Uniform Initiative”

Keeping girls in schools will remain a very important aspect of our agenda for equity in Liberian education. FEEL will work with school leaders, community organizations, local governments to identify at risk junior and senior secondary school girls to provide mentor and material support to embolden to pursue their education. Along these lines we are launching our “100 Uniforms Initiative”. Under this initiative we hope to purchase and distribute 100 uniforms to at risk girls in schools in Kakata, Margibi County. It is our hope that as we repeat this program in future years the uniforms will be fabricated by beneficiaries of this initiative.

Support for Schools

The government of Liberia continues to deal with numerous challenges in its post conflict era. As a result, many schools are ill-equipped and students are compelled to learn in very difficult situation and in dilapidated schools, limited sanitary facilities, little or no instructional resources,, etc. FEEL will identify schools where the situation is extremely unbearable. FEEL will then work to secure funding to improve the facilities and thus enhance the learning experience of the students. Already, FEEL has made $1,000.00 available to replace nearly 100 chalkboards in Kakata, Margibi County.